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Guillermo Lacámara

He began his musical studies at the age of nine (1984) at the School of Music of Magallon and as a freelance student at the Music Conservatory of Zaragoza until 1994, when he entered the Conservatory in the specialty of Saxophone, studying Middle Degree with professors M. Carmen Carrasco and David Mazes and finishing the Higher Degree in 2000 with the professors A. Cotanda and F. Roy.

He has completed advanced training courses with Pedro Iturralde, Israel Mira, Andrés Gómis and Philippe Lecocq; Mixed Music Courses with Josexto Silguero, Pascal Gaigne and Emiliano del Cerro; Contemporary Music Workshop for Baritone Saxophone with Joan Martí-Frasquier; composition and jazz arrangements with: Iñaki Askunze and Jazz courses with Jaime Fatas, Mikel Andueza, Jimmy Weinstein, Gigi di Gregorio, David Pastor, Jorge Pardo, Jesse Davis, Bobby Martinez and Miguel Royo “Wally”.

He has been a founder component (1988-2012) and professor (1998-2010) of the Magallon Musical Art Society, as well as of the Aragon Symphony Band until its disappearance (1995-1999) and saxophonist of the Wind Orchestra Zaragoza (WOZ) 2012-2014. He has also collaborated in groups of the Aragonese musical environment, in the Provincial Band of Zaragoza (2001-2003) and the Amici Musicae choir, as well as in various classical chamber music ensembles, Jazz bands, Big Bands and rock, pop and electronic music bands.

He has been Saxophone teaher in several music schools such as: Agrupación Musical Delicias (1996-2001), Miguel Arnaudas Institute of Alagón (1998-2002), La Cartuja Baja School of Music (2000-2002), Utebo School of Music (2001-2002). 

He has given Saxophone courses at several Youth Musicians Encounters

“Villa de Magallón” (2003-2004). He has organized the “Jazz Workshop” in 2001, taught by Bobby Martinez; the three editions of the Improvisation Course (2015-2017) with Miguel Royo ‘Wally”; the I Big Band Workshop (2016-17) together with Bobby Martinez and Master classes by Marcos Collado and Miguel Benito (2018).

Since 2001 he has been professor of Saxophone, for competitive examination, of the Municipal School of Music and Dance of Zaragoza and director of “The Big Band Theory”, component of the Saxophone Quartet Novus 12.1. with which he actively participates in rehearsals and concerts and conducts the Saxophone Novus 12.1 Course (Six editions) and is a member of “The Novus Band 7.0” (“Smooth jazz” band).

He is currently an “Endorser Musician ” for Investigaciones Manchegas S.L (The root of sound).

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